• list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr with creating and appending elements

    1. Basic Information


    a. I wanted to talk about in reference to the dorm is that we can actually create new dorm elements using javascript. And this is pretty cool. This is pretty useful. You can create elements you can append create elements to elements that already exist. So let's take a look at how to do that. So you know what I'm going to leave my device here for reference but I'm going to add some more space so that list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr we can kind of play around with adding and creating DOM elements. So do a div here.


    b. I do. And I'll give this one an ID so I can grab it later. My Javascript. So this one we'll just call it to let's see created so let's do a simple example for us and we'll make some more space down here. So we can kind of have a sort of fresh canvas here. So first of all Grabow the ID Konst creation div equals document get element by ID created. Now let's say we want to create some new elements and append it inside this div. To create a simple element at first. And what we can do is we can do something like Konst new element equals and again we use the list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr document global object document data create the element and then inhered you use whatever tag name is. I'm not going to use tag name but you can use whatever technique you want to create.


    2. Tags and Tricks


    So if you want to create for example a p tag something like this we're going to create a new paragraph. So now we have a created element and if we want to take a quick look at it console log new element. Let's take a quick gander at it and open them a console here as well console. OK so as you can see here it's created a P-TECH for us. Pretty cool stuff. Now how can we internet marketing company instantiate it with some text for example. Well we kind of know how to do that so we can see a new element and we just treat this as if it has any other elements so we could say enter text equals. I was created by science. Right so now let's take a look at that now.


    Consul Lague new element see if we are successful. Whoa. Pretty cool right. We've got our Peter egg and we have our quote whatever we wanted to put in there. So that's great. Now we've created a list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr P-TECH but it's just kind of floating in the ether right. We didn't put it anywhere we just created it. And it's not been assigned to any dorm element. So how can we do that. Well we can do what's called a append child and recall in our discussion about the dorm we have you know you can consider these parents and then these parents have children. So we have a div down here div ID footer. This is this div and actually that's the list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr centre div Id created rezone can't see here for some reason. Oh you know what I think is happening. Are we still looping through. Yes. This is why I sort. Grab the last div. So let me comment that out. That should fix the issue.


    3. Possibilities


    Class. So we had too much going on here. That should solve that. OK there you go. Now you have this idea footer and this idea created kind of a small amount. OK so we have created and we can actually append our newly created element into this div because we want it to be a child of this div. So all we need to do is LOL We already grabbed it out right so this ID can say creation div dot append child. And then what child do you want to append to this creation does. And we're going to append our new elements new element. All right. Let's see if we were successful. So will refresh you or close the console refresh this. And hey there we go. You can see that it immediately appeared down here pretty cool stuff right. And as you can imagine this opens up a lot of possibilities for us. Let's say we have some kind of data stored somewhere that



    we access via javascript and we store that data in an array and then we want to create some kind of list but only as many list items as there are entries in the array. You know the gears in your head might be turning. How can I do that? Let's figure that out. So this one we just created a simple p tag we could create basically any type of element we need. You know we could do it give for example if we did a div that would look slightly different might look the same here but it does look slightly different in the dawn. And so we have or Dave created and now there's a div inside that one where we have attended the child having some text in it. And then let's say after we've done that we want to apply some class to the inner div, for example, list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr how can we do that.



     4. DOM manipulation


    Well, we've created this element and we've decided a constant. So I can actually do it even before I assign it to the as the child of creation. We can say new elements class list add and let's add the purple class to it. Let's see if we're successful. Hey, there we go. Pretty cool stuff. Let's add a couple of classes. Purple comma. Let's also add foo. You can add multiple classes at once in here as well. Let's check it out. And hey there we go. All right. So again it's just kind of mixing and matching. DOM manipulation techniques to just do list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr whatever you need to do. And of course, the dorm API makes it pretty straightforward.

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